How To Contribute:

Copyright lawys must be respected at all times. It is important therefore not to re-produced material protected by copyright. Please be sure that this is not the case, or that you have permission, before proceeding.

To Edit/ Change A Page
Simply click 'Edit this page' at the bottom of the page in question. A free text window will open in 'edit mode' with the existing text within it.

How To Create a New Page
Separate the word or words you want to link FROM (on an existing page) with the '_' character. Also place this at the beginning and end of the word or words. When you save this, a question mark (?) will appear follwing the chosen word or words. Clicking on this opens a blank free-text page for you to input your desired text.

Can I Place An External Link?
Any external links will be removed, largely because in practice the majority are placed for advertising purposes.

Why Are Some Pages Locked?
To stabilize the site, complete pages, to which it would be difficult to add much more useful content, may be locked by the site administrators.

Wiki Syntax
See Syntax Rules for more detailed information.

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